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Main English lessons 


If you can access work online, follow these links and complete the tasks each day in your English exercise book.

Spelling activities

Complete the following activities from your RWI Spelling Book then check the answers in the documents below.


Unit 5  - ibly    -ably

Day 1  p.22 Spelling zone

Day 2  p.23 Dots and dashes

Day 3  p.23 Word changers

Day 4  p.25 Choose the right word

Day 5  Revise the words from this unit




Grammar work


Complete one page per day from the CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Book


This week complete pages 4-8.

Answers are in the back of the book for an adult to check when you've finished.

Main English lessons if no access to the online lesson links at the top of the page


Here is a copy of the worksheets for children who are working without access to the online lessons.