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Make sure you write in your English home learning book. You can always send us a photograph of your work.

Mrs Bell/Mrs Child/Ms Darling’s groups

  • continue with set 3 daily speed sound lessons
  • Red Words 1 video
  • Hold a sentence 1 video

Mrs Wilcox’s group

  • continue with set 3 daily speed sound lessons
  • Red word 1 video
  • Hold a sentence 1 video


Common Word mats

Common Words (also known as red words or tricky words) It’s really important that we build up our bank of tricky words to both read and spell. Remember you cannot Fred talk a red word. There are 5 common word mats to complete this week to help with the reading and writing. The sheets are attached below but if you need them printed out contact the office.

common word sheets wk5


Using ‘and’ to join ideas. Use  the link to bbc bitesize where you will find 3 activities linked to using ‘and’ to join ideas in a sentence. They also recap using full stops and capital letters. Grown-ups can help read the questions. You only need to record activity 2 &3 in your English book.


English Book linked tasks Wk5  1.2.2021

This week and next week we will be exploring a book called Beegu by Alexis Deacon. You can watch the story  by using this link

  or by ppt

link to ppt

You can record your work in your English home book.

Task 1 Explore it  

With a grown up discuss the picture from the book

Look at the picture and read the words.

 What do you notice in the picture?  What do you think has happened?  Does the picture remind you of anything that you have seen before?  What do you notice about the character in the picture? What kind of character do you think she will be? Why? Where do you think Beegu was supposed to be? What do you think might happen next?


Task 2 Illustrate it  (Complete work in your English book)

Read aloud the words on the page again, ‘Beegu was not supposed to be here. She was lost.’ Can you try to imagine the world where Beegu comes from? What do you think it would look like? What might you see on her planet? What might you hear? What colours would there be?

Draw Beegu’s home. Maybe other people in your family want to draw what they imagine too. Remember, everyone has their own ideas and imagines things their own way. This is a good thing!

Once you have drawn your picture, share your drawings with someone else if you can, or talk about what you have drawn with someone else: what is similar about the drawings? What is different?

Task 3 Imagine it

Beegu is alone on Earth. Can you create a friend for Beegu? What is your friend for Beegu like?  What do they look like? What is their name?  Where does this friend live? What do they like to do? What do they like to eat? Who are their friends and family?Does your friend make a noise? How does it sound?Why would Beegu like to be friends with them?

Once you have imagined a friend for Beegu, you may like to make it. This could be a drawing, or using any other spare materials you have in your home such as old plastic bottles or boxes, plasticine and googly eyes, feathers or pipe cleaners.

Please send us picture of your work via the school office.


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