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Make sure you write in your English home learning book. You can always send us a photograph of your work.


*** Monday 8th February

We are aware that the Ruth Miskin videos have disappeared this morning. We hope it wont be gone for long, but until then, there is a video below you can do which includes set 2 and 3 sounds. It's a long video so you don't need to watch it all.


Here's another focusing on the split digraph a-e.


Mrs Bell/Mrs Child/Ms Darling’s groups

  • continue with set 3 daily speed sound lessons
  • Red Words 1 video
  • Hold a sentence 1 video

Mrs Wilcox’s group

  • continue with set 3 daily speed sound lessons
  • Red word 1 video
  • Hold a sentence 1 video



Hold a sentence

The hold a sentence video will be repeating. If you have completed them all I have put new sentences for each day below. Grown ups will need to say and model the sentence before asking your child to write it. 

Monday – I left my cap in that pit.

Tuesday – The fox ran off with the hen.

Wednesday – He got a big black hat.

Thursday – I have got my red cap.

Friday – I am in the rocket.


Common Word Mats

Common Words (also known as red words or tricky words) It’s really important that we build up our bank of tricky words to both read and spell. Remember you cannot Fred talk a red word. There are 5 common word mats to complete this week to help with the reading and writing. The sheets are attached below but if you need them printed out contact the office.

common word sheets


English tasks linked to books  - Beegu  wk6

You can find link to the story on last weeks sheet along with the ppt. Last week we explored the images and messages from the book. This week we are going to focus on written tasks linked to the story.

Listen to the story again before completing the tasks. Please complete these tasks in your English book. If you don’t have your book, I have attached a sheet for you to record on.


Task 1 

What would you provide for Beegu to make her feel comfortable on Earth for example, a warm bed, food and drink, something to play with etc. You are going to draw and label the objects that you would provide for Beegu if you found her. Some of you might want to write sentences saying what you would give Beegu. Remember to listen to sounds and use phonics to spell. (Sound mats are on our class page)


Task 2

We know that Beegu is lost and we are going to help by making Lost posters. When we write a lost poster, we need to know about the missing person. Look picture of Beegu – can you say out loud words to describe her (think colour/ears/personality). Using the poster template that is attached, first draw Beegu. Then using the sentence starters, say a sentence out loud and then record it. Don’t forget your full stop.

example : Beegu has long yellow ears.

You will need to finish your poster with a made up contact number.


Task 3 Alien word detectives 

Before we hand her over to the police, we should try to talk to Beegu and help her find her way back. However in the book it said ‘No one seemed to understand her’. In Year 1 we are getting good at alien words. On the next sheet (attached) you will need to read the alien words using your phonics to help. Then for each alien word you need to  think of a real word that rhymes with it.

Example – splag  flag.