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Wk4 English Tasks 25.1.2021


The Ruth Miskin videos will start to repeat themselves from Tuesday 26th of January. It's a good opportunity to revisit all Set 3 sounds even if you've already done them, as some may have been missed and its good to revise sounds from a while ago. We cover all sounds in school twice so this is what we would normally do. 

If you are looking for activities on Monday 25th, you could start on the Reading Words and Common word mats. 


Make sure you write in your English home learning book. You can always send us a photograph of your work.

Mrs Bell/Mrs Child/Ms Darling’s groups

  • Continue with set 3 daily speed sound lessons (start on Tuesday)
  • Red Words 1 video
  • Hold a sentence 1 video

Mrs Wilcox’s group

  • Continue with set 3 daily speed sound lessons (start on Tuesday)
  • Red word 1 video
  • Hold a sentence 1 video


Reading words

Use these sheets to practise using your phonics to read. Look at the picture. Think of the word to match the picture ie nest. Read the 4 words beside the picture and circle the word that matches the picture.

Cvcc ccvc sheets and answer sheet


Common Word Mats

Common Words (also known as red words or tricky words) It’s really important that we build up our bank of tricky words to both read and spell. Remember you cannot Fred talk a red word. There are 5 common word mats to complete this week to help with the reading and writing. The sheets are attached below but if you need them printed out contact the office.

common word sheets


English Text linked work

This week were looking at Winter poetry.


With your grown-ups help read through some of the poems. Choose 2 to learn off by heart. You might want to add actions to help you remember them.

Winter poems

Task 2

Watch the Winter senses power point. Then using your ‘Exploring Winter sheet’ record words under each sense

eg  taste – hot chocolate

feel – cold wind on my ears

senses ppt and sheet

Task 3

Using the vocabulary from senses sheet you are going to write a poem. I have attached a sheet to help with the stem sentence. You can write it straight into your book or onto the sheet. I would love to see your writing. A grown up can take a photo and send it to the school office.

poetry worksheet


Some fun winter/seasons songs you may want to watch and join in with:

Did you ever see a penguin-

Seasons -