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Maths Tasks

Represent numbers to 50 (Spring Week 5)


One more, one less (Starting Spring Week 6)

Compare objects to 50.

Compare numbers within 50

Order numbers within 50.



It was great to talk with parents in the last few weeks about the Maths learning happening at home. As a result, we wanted to add on an extra challenge for those children who have whizzed through this unit. Have a look at the Problem Solving Powerpoint underneath where there are some questions set to get the brain working a little harder. These types of questions are about explaining ideas, considering different answers and proving them with examples. Your child may wish to draw and annotate answers to these in the small Maths jotters. 


Resources at home:

Some of the workbooks may suggest using cubes or counters. You could use smarties, pieces of lego or anything at home which could represent a single ‘one’, with larger objects like crayons representing a ‘ten’.  If your child is struggling with this, we strongly recommend using objects and images to support their understanding. Keep it real (so they can physically see the value of the number) instead of imagining it. Please don't rush through the pages if they aren't secure in what has gone before. 



The NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) recommend the Numberblocks series for Early years and year 1 children to help bring numbers and ideas to life.

This video clip above links to this weeks learning, however there are many other videos  on bbc iplayer from series 4 or earlier that your child may enjoy too.

An EXTRA Maths Challenge!