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Happy New Year everyone. Our new science topic for this half term is Life Cycles. We will be learning all about how different plants and animals grow and change throughout their lives. If you can get on-line, I will share some links for videos and power points, but there will also be activities that you can do with just a pencil and paper. You can also use the Oak Academy resources to learn more about this topic by logging in and then going into key stage 2 science topics “Reproductive Cycles”

To get started, we will be learning about the different stages of the human life cycle. Watch the video clips and go through the power point before starting your tasks.

What is a life cycle? - BBC Bitesize

How do humans change during their lifetime? - BBC Bitesize

Your tasks

Read the text about the human lifecycle then write 5 things that you can do now compared to when you were a baby and 5 things which you are looking forward to doing when you become an adult. Next, draw and label a diagram to show the different stages of the human lifecycle.