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Well hopefully you now all know that vertebrates have a backbone and invertebrates have no backbone. That is one way to group animals but you can classify them in lots of different ways. Try sorting them in different ways, using criteria of your own. Cut out the animals, read the descriptions of the categories and sort them into the different groups on the worksheet. You can then write the name of the animal in the correct section. Carl Linnaeus was a famous scientist who spent most of his life sorting and classifying living things. He felt that there was a need to have a common system. This week we are going to be learning more about him. Watch the video and then read the information sheet. 


I have included some STEM ideas for you this week too, so if you have completed the tasks set each week, then have a go at some of them over these next few weeks.


Your tasks

1. Sort out the cards in different ways using your own criteria.

2. Sort out the cards into the groups on the worksheet and write the names of the animals in the correct sections.

2.Design your own fact file about Carl Linnaeus by including at least 6 sentences about his life and work.