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Observe changes across the four seasons.

Observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies


Shadow Investigation - Explore shadows and how they change during the day.

(If it is not sunny, you could enjoy exploring the lengths of different shadows by using a torch instead.)

1. Play shadow tag and look at the shape of shadows.


Consider the questions:

Does my shadow always look like that?

What was it like first thing in the morning?

Is it better to play shadow tag at lunchtime or in the afternoon?


2. Track a shadow by observing it over time. Observe/draw round your child’s shadow at different times of the day. This would show that that when the sun is highest in the sky (midday), the shadow was shorter.

3. Optional Challenge: If you have a measuring tape or string, you could keep a record of the difference lengths in cm and record that in the Maths Jotters.

4. Optional Extra Challenge: Make a bar graph of the lengths you have recorded! Make sure you send us a photo of this one!



Shadow, sun, earth, spin, day, night, light, dark


Websites - Animation explaining why we have day and night; - YouTube video explaining how to make shadow puppets with your hands; - Three little pigs shadow puppet show; - BBC Bitesize - the most northerly city in the world.