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Identify and name the basic parts of the human body. (This lesson links with Maths)


Warm up game: Simon says…pointing out body parts such as elbows, knees, toes, ears, eyes, nose.


Task 1: Cut and stick labelling parts of the body. Choose 1 sheet.


Task 2: An investigation.

If someone has big feet, do they also need larger gloves?’.


You will need: a ruler and the worksheets.

If you don’t have a ruler/tape measure, you may prefer to use a different type of measurement such as paperclips or lego blocks.


Discuss ideas before starting the task.

Make a prediction – what do you think the answer will be?

Agree a position on hands and feet that you will measure.



Using the sheet, record each person’s name and the length of their hand and their feet. If you live in a small household, you could phone relatives/friends and ask them to measure their hands/feet too!

Next rank yourselves in order of biggest feet to smallest and then biggest hands to smallest.


Do the results show that the people with the largest feet have the largest hands? Which results show you this?



compare, measure, record, gather.


Science Week 5th – 14th March. See the separate science link for the Forest Hall Challenge called ‘Innovating for the Future’. If you like building/crafting, this one is for you! There is a Powerpoint to go with it as well.