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Spring 1, Week 1 06.01.2021

You have been given worksheets covering addition and subtraction. For each worksheet, there is a video for your grown up to watch so that they can help you, if you need it. You were all super at adding and subtracting before Christmas, but you have been off so you might have forgotten a few things and that’s OK – I’m sure you will remember when you watch the video! Complete each question on the worksheet in your books, and remember, you can draw dienes or part whole models to help you, if you need to. The worksheets are on the school website on our class page, and to access the videos, your grown up will need to go onto the White Rose Hub website. The link needed is below and that is where you will find all of the videos you need.


Wednesday: Adding 2-digit numbers: Crossing 10.

Thursday: Subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number: Not Crossing 10.

Friday: Subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number: Crossing 10.


Friday’s work, is a recap of the work we did in class, using a number line and column subtraction. Remember to exchange when using column subtraction – draw the dienes if you need to! And when you are using the number line, remember to use the part/whole model to partition the number you are subtracting.