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Spring 1, Week 2 11.01.2021

The children should start by looking at the Changing Shape PowerPoint (they may need support with the reading). Then, they need to collect the items they need which are listed on the worksheet – don’t worry if you don’t have access to all of these items, you can substitute them with something else. If you do this, just cross out the original item, and get your child to write the name of the new item in the box. Then, they need to work through each item and test if they can be squashed, bent, twisted or stretched, and they just need to put a tick or a cross in the correct box. When they have done that, I’d like them to try and find an extra 3 objects which CANNOT be squashed, bent, twisted or stretched and write them on the side of their sheet, in the space provided. If you follow us on Twitter, @foresthallps, I’d love to see photos of the children carrying out their experiment!