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Spring 1, Week 3 18.01.2021

Please see the separate guide sheet included in the Work Instructions section of the Year 2 Class Page for further instructions on completing activities. 


Monday: Workbook practise, both in and out of order. Please date this work.

Tuesday: Maths Chase ( Can the children beat the Chaser?

To set up Maths Chase correctly, don’t click on Start Game. Instead, scroll to the bottom of the Home Page, and in the right corner, you will find options for multiplication games. Click on ‘2 x table’ and that will give the children the option to select the speed of the Chaser and a character. Once that has been selected, click ‘update’ and then click ‘2 x table’ again on the left hand side, and that will take you straight to the game.

Wednesday: Times Table Space Race.

Thursday: 2 x Table Search. 

Friday: 2 x table test.