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Spring 1, Week 3 18.01.2021

The children seem to be really enjoying our new topic, ‘Who was Mary Seacole?’ Start off by asking them what they can remember about her – can they think of 5 facts about her? This week’s learning focuses on the changes in medicine over time. Talk to the children about what happens today if someone is poorly. Where do they go? What are they given to make them better? Who helps them? Explain that when Mary Seacole was a nurse, the medicines that we have today weren’t available, and so she had to use different herbal remedies to heal the soldiers. Tell the children that herbal remedies are made from plants and go through the PowerPoint with the children, giving them extra information about the herbal remedies Mary Seacole made and what she used them for.


The children’s task this week is to use the information from the PowerPoint to complete the worksheet. They need to name the ingredient of the herbal remedy using the picture, then they should write what it was used for and how it was made. Some of the children will need support with this. There is a word bank for them to use at the bottom of the worksheet. Please make sure the children write the short date at the top of their worksheet.