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Spring 1, Week 4 25.01.2021

This week for Science, I’d like the children to focus on the absorbency of materials. Go through the PowerPoint with your child, to ensure they know what ‘absorbent’ means and why some materials need to be more absorbent than others. The children will then need a selection of materials that can be found around the home (they will get wet – sorry!) The children will need a bowl of water, and they will need to test the absorbency of each material, recording their results on the worksheet provided. The children can add their own material at the bottom of the sheet. The children then need to investigate which material is the most and least absorbent. They should do this by timing how long it takes each material to absorb the water. The material that takes the least amount of time is the most absorbent, and the material that takes the most amount of time is the least absorbent. They should write their sentences on the back of their worksheets:

The _____ was the most absorbent material. I know this because ______

The ____ was the least absorbent material. I know this because _____.