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Spring 1, Week 4 25.01.2021

Click on the link below to access the videos needed for Monday & Tuesday's activities.

Please complete the following activities this week. Your child should complete one activity per day, as each activity is one lesson.


Monday: Find Change

Tuesday: Two Step Problems

Wednesday: Make Equal Groups (Recap)

Thursday: Add Equal Groups (Recap)

Friday: Make Arrays (Recap)


You can click on the following link to access the videos to accompany Wednesday - Friday's activities. 

Please use the answer sheets above to mark your child's maths work. Just a tick will do smiley.

Year 1 Booklets


If your child has the Year 1: Addition & Subtraction booklet, they should have come to the end of the workbook. Please don't worry if they haven't finished the booklet yet - just work at your own pace and let them do as much as they can. However, if they have finished, they can complete the activities below. If not, carry on with their booklet.


If they have finished, I don’t want them to start their new ones until next week, so instead, I’d like them to recap on their addition and subtraction and place value skills, using the following worksheets and videos:


Monday: Tens and Ones within 50 (Year 2 Autumn Week 1 – Number: Place Value)

Tuesday: Represent Numbers to 50

Wednesday: One More & One Less

Thursday: Compare Numbers within 50 (Year 2 Autumn Week 1 – Number: Place Value)

Friday: Represent Numbers to 100 (Year 2 Autumn Week 2 – Number: Place Value)


Please only watch the videos that accompany the above activities, as some of the videos are for future lessons and may confuse the children. Not all of the lessons this week have a video to go with them, but you can click on the link below to find the ones that do.

Please use the above answer sheets to mark your child's work. Just a tick will do smiley​​​​​​​.