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Spring 1, Week 5 01.02.2021

This week, the children will be comparing the work of Mary Seacole to another famous nurse during the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale. I’d like them to start off by watching the video above. The children can also have a go at the online activity if they wish. When they have watched the video, they should use the Florence Nightingale PowerPoint to find out how she changed nursing and how she improved hospitals during the Crimean War. How is this different to Mary Seacole? Why do the children think she had more access to resources? Using the Florence Nightingale Hospital Improvements worksheet, the children should copy the problem into their English workbooks. When they have done that, they should look at the images on the other side of the problems, and write a sentence to show what Florence Nightingale did to solve them, e.g:

The hospitals didn’t have enough supplies to look after the soldiers, so Florence Nightingale bought basic things, such as clothes and blankets. 


The children should date their work.