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Spring 1, Week 5 01.02.2021

This week for Science, the children are going to test how waterproof different materials are by making boats! I have attached an instruction PowerPoint on how to make the boat, and a suggestion of different materials the children could use. They can use absolutely anything they want though, they don’t have to stick to my list! Once they have tested their boat in a bowl of water, they are going to write down what they observed in the table provided. Where it says ‘Draw what happened to your boat after 30 seconds’, I’d like the children to write what happened – usually, I’d print it off and change it, but as I am working from home, I can’t! When they have tested their boats, can they do so again, but this time, colour their material with a wax crayon (if you have any). Does that make the material more waterproof? Did what happen to their boat change once the material had been coated with the crayon? Why do they think this is? The children can write a sentence in their English Workbooks to say what happened to each boat after 30 seconds when the material was coated with wax and why they think this. If they would prefer, they can write their sentences on the back of their worksheets. Their work should be dated.