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Spring 1, Week 5 01.02.2021

Click on the link below to access this week's activities.

Please complete the following activities this week. Your child should complete one activity per day, as each activity is one lesson.


Monday: Recognise equal groups

Tuesday: Make equal groups

Wednesday: Add equal groups

Thursday: Multiplication using the ‘x’ symbol

Friday: Multiplication sentences from pictures.

Please use the answer sheets above to mark your child's maths work. Just a tick will do smiley.

Year 1 Booklets


I know that the children working on these booklets haven't came to the end of them just yet. I'd like you to try and use this week as a catch up week, and we will issue the new booklets next week. If by next week, you still haven't caught up, please don't worry and just continue to work at your own pace. I understand that homeschooling is difficult, so just keeping doing the best you can. It is all really appreciated smiley.


Year 2 Booklets


If the children working on the Year 2 booklets aren't ready to start the new ones this week, don't worry about it. Like I said above, you're all doing a great job, so just keep doing your best and let the children work at their own pace - they will get there!