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Spring 1, Week 6 08.02.2021

Below are the worksheets and resources needed for this week. Please see the guide on what the children need to do in the Work Instructions section of the Year 2 Class Page.

North Tyneside Writing Competition


This week, there is also an extra challenge for the children, should they wish to take part. Each year, as a school, we participate in the North Tyneside Writing Competition. The theme this year is ‘Connecting with Others’, and the children can choose to write a short poem or a story. No posters or leaflets will be accepted. The rules are on the Year 2 Class Page. If your child does wish to take part, please pop their entry into an envelope and hand it into the school office, with their name on. On the back of their entry, the children should include their full name, their age and year group, teacher’s name and school. Spelling and handwriting will not be penalised and the work MUST be independent. This is optional, so your child doesn’t have to take part if they don’t want to.