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Spring 1, Week 6 08.02.2021

This is the last week on the materials topic for the children. This week, I’d like them to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired this term to test the properties of different materials. Using the worksheet Testing Materials, the children will look at the objects on the sheet, write what material they are made from, and then test if they are waterproof, absorbent, transparent, translucent or opaque. They can put a tick or a cross in the waterproof or absorbent box, but I’d like them to write the word ‘transparent’, ‘translucent’ or ‘opaque’ in the last box. Transparent means that light can completely pass through an object, so that it is see through, like glass. Translucent means that some light can pass through, but not all of it, so it is partly see through and opaque means that no light can pass through, so you can’t see through the object at all. The children can use a torch to test each material. We have done this in school, so hopefully they will remember how to test the materials.