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Spring 2, Week 1 22.02.2021

This half term, we are starting our new topic, ‘Do Plants Grow in the Arctic?’ Usually, if we were in school, we would have planted seeds in different conditions and carried our experiments to find out what plants need to be able to grow healthily as an introduction to this topic, but as I understand you may not all have seeds or materials to plant them in at home, we will do some observing instead. If you do have seeds at home that your child could plant, please feel free to do this and allow them to observe the changes over the coming weeks. Maybe they could keep a diary?


Over the next few weeks, we will be learning all about what plants need to be able to grow, what will happen if one of those elements is taken away and what a healthy plant looks like, as well as using our findings to discuss whether or not plants could grow in the Arctic. I’d like the children to start off by reading through the PowerPoint entitled ‘Observing Plants’. Let the children have a go at the interactive tasks within the PowerPoint to see what they already know and to see if they can name the parts of a flower and parts of a tree. When they have done that, they should complete the worksheets. There are two worksheets to complete this week. First, the children should go out and observe a flowering plant and draw it – can they use the skills we used when doing observational drawings? Then, they should write a description of the flowering plant underneath. Can they take a photograph of it and do some research to find out the name of the plant, and write this on their sheet? They should use the Flowering Plant Observation Sheet to complete this task.


When they have observed a flowering plant, they should then complete the next activity. I’d like them to go out and find a tree and observe that, writing down what they see on the Tree Observation Sheet. They should draw a picture of the tree, (again, using observational drawing skills), and then I’d like them to find a leaf (hopefully there will be some about now that we are coming into Spring) and do an observational drawing of the leaf. We have done this in class, so hopefully the children will remember the techniques. Finally, I’d like them to measure the leaf and the tree (estimating the height), if they can. They should date their work