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Topic work Week beginning 25th January

Our Topic this half term is Geography based and is the French Riviera.  We have looked at our coast line in England and now will move to looking at a coastline in Europe to compare.  You can use an atlas, Google Earth or the answer sheet to help you.  Here are your tasks for this week.  

Vocabulary you will need to know this week-

Cote d’Azure- Blue coast.  The area of the French coast that meets the Mediterranean Sea.

Riviera- a coastal region frequented as a resort area and usually marked by a mild climate.


Think back to the coastal features you looked at with Mrs Driver in Autumn Term- jot down what you can remember.

Look at images of French Riviera on internet and using Google Earth.  Make some notes about what you can find out about the French Riviera- e.g. main towns, coastal features etc.  You could draw what you find or make a PowerPoint or a word document about what you have found out.

Complete the similarities and differences table to compare our coast with the French Riviera. 





  1. Look at information about French artist Monet.  Look at PowerPoint and find out about famous pieces of work.  Research famous pieces of art by Monet and give your opinions about the piece you like and a piece you do not like- don’t forget to say why. 



  1. Complete each person’s certificate of excellence saying something positive about them.