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Topic work Week beginning 8th  February

Our Topic this half term is Geography based and is the French Riviera.  We have looked at our coast line in England and now will move to looking at a coastline in Europe to compare.  You can use an atlas, Google Earth or the answer sheet to help you.  Here are your tasks for this week.  


Vocabulary you will need to know this week-

Trade- Buying and selling things is called trade. Trade is an important way for countries to make money and has been happening across the world for hundreds of years. Today, goods are carried around the world in container ships from port to port and by aeroplane.


Look at the above definition of trade and watch this

  1. Read through the History of The French Riviera text and highlight any different occupations (jobs) you can see mentioned in a different colour or by underlining.  Using  a different colour or circle how the land has changed over time.  

  2. Can you complete the trade timeline using the information above?

  3. Redo the vocabulary test we did at the start of the unit.  Try not to cheat!  It is fine if you still don’t know a word! 


Look at information about French artist Rousseau on the Powerpoint.

Look at examples of his work- how did he create them?  How do they differ to ones we have looked at before?  Which do you prefer?  Why?

Consider his pieces of work including animals and practise skills for drawing jungle animals using step by step guides.



Last week we compared places of worship, this week we will look at Holy places.  Christians feel Jerusalem is a place that is Holy to them and  Mecca is the Muslims holy place.  All Muslims try and make a journey there at least once a lifetime- this is known as Haaj.  Watch the video or look at the PowerPoint for more information on the Haaj.

Using a map and atlases can you locate Mecca on a map and label where it is?  Can you label the UK too? 

Imagine you were travelling on foot, what route could you take?  Can you make some directions?