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Topic work Week beginning 22nd February


Our Topic this half term is History based on the Anglo Saxon rule of Britain.  We are looking at the British history period from 449AD to 1066AD. 


Vocabulary you will need to know this week:

Mercia and East Anglia- these are two of the 7 kingdoms Britain was divided into during Anglo Saxon times.



Open the slides document in the Google Classroom- I have attempted to speak over it so I hope you can hear me!  You have 4 tasks this week- they are quite small but you could spread them out over several afternoons if you need to.  Don't forget to click hand in when you have completed them all.  If you can't access the Google Classroom, I have put the PowerPoint below.


Task 1- Our Vocabulary quiz- remember it is fine to say- I don't know yet.

Task 2- The Anglo Saxon Invaders Quiz from your reading on the Slides document- this is on the Goggle Classroom.

Task 3- Map labelling activity

Task 4- Research either Vortigern, Hengest or Horsa.  Decide what they might have looked like and how they would have felt about the events of the time.  Draw your character and write some details about them- if your draw it- take a picture of your art and upload to the Google Classroom- this is easier if you use an IPad or phone and have the Goggle Classroom APP.  Or take an image to add to the slides document I have added for you.



Look at Runes explanation on the print out- this is what the Anglo Saxons used as their alphabet in writing.  Look at the similarities and differences between our alphabet now.  Can you write own name using runes in your art book?  Can you write messages or make an intricate design using your initials.  If possible, make salt dough and carve your own runes with the recipe given.



Espresso Coding

Click Coding

See Google Classroom for our log in.

Click Block coding- level 5

Random numbers and simulations- only do lesson 5- Pinball

Remember to watch the video to help.

You could get someone at home to play your finished code.



Please click hand in if you do any activity this week and don't forget to log for Miss Young on the link below