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Topic work Week beginning 1st March

Our Topic this half term is History based on the Anglo Saxon rule of Britain.  We are looking at the British history period from 449AD to 1066AD. 

Vocabulary you will need to know this week:

Anglo Saxons- The Anglo-Saxons were a group of farmer-warriors who lived in Britain over a thousand years ago 449AD- 1066AD.  Made up of three tribes who came over from Europe, they were called the Angle, Saxon, and Jute tribes.  They were fierce people, who fought many battles during their rule of Britain – often fighting each other


Runes- The word RUNE means secret or mystery.  Runes had a religious meaning and were used in religious ceremonies. They were a charm or a spell as well as a way of writing messages.



Listen to the Slides- I hope my audio works!  There are a choice of tasks this week.


1.  Complete a facts poster about King Athelstan and King Alfred by inserting information using

Fact Cards Activity Sheet.  When you finish, decide, between King Alfred or King Athelstan, as to which you think was the greatest king and explain why. Use Alfred the Great Poster Activity Sheet and King Athelstan Poster Activity Sheet below to help you.


2.   Answer the comprehension questions about King Alfred and King Athelstan.  Read the text first and then answer on the Google Doc.



Watch the video and then look at the PowerPoint and consider the similarities and differences between The Bible and The Quran.

Complete comprehension activity about The Quran.




Practise your typing skills on Dance Mat Typing- don’t skip levels, you need to work through them to make sure your fingers are on the correct keys.




Please click hand in if you do any activity this week and don't forget to log for Miss Young on the link below

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