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Our Topic this half term is Geography based and is the French Riviera.  We have looked at our coast line in England and now will move to looking at a coastline in Europe to compare.  Here are your tasks for this week.


  1.  Have a look at the vocabulary test- make sure you can read the words- ask an adult for help if you need.  If you know what they mean write it in the box, if not, remember it is fine to write I don’t know yet- as I will be teaching you the vocabulary as we move through the half term.


Choice of tasks-

  • Can you make a model of the famous French landmark of the Eiffel Tower?  You could do this with card, Lego, play dough or anything you have available in your house.  I have sent a template in your work pack if you have nothing available and will put a copy on our class page.   I will upload mine to Twitter and you could send a picture of yours in the comment section.  
  • Have a go at the French art style of Pointillism- watch this video or look at the Power Point I have put below and try to create an image using small dots.  I have put an example of our logo in the class pack to have a go with or you could be brave and create your own!  I’ll put my example on Twitter for you to see too.  You could use coloured pens, pencils or paint on a cotton bud to create the effect.