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Home Learning 11th January

Year 3

Well hopefully you will all know what igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are and how they are formed. If you are out and about remember to collect a few rocks and try to identify which type they are. This week we are going to be finding out what we use rocks for and why some rocks are better suited for particular purposes. Watch the two video clips to find out more about granite and limestone then go through the power-point. I have included some STEM ideas for you this week too, so if you have completed the tasks set, then have a go at some of the suggestions over these next few weeks.

Your tasks

Look around your home and garden or when you are out for a walk and find examples of rocks being used in everyday life. Complete the worksheet. If you can collect some rocks, you could try sorting them out in different ways on some plates e.g. by size, shape or texture. If you don’t have any actual rocks then use the pictures on the sheet. Remember too that scientists are constantly asking questions. Can you write some questions about what you would like to know about rocks?


What is limestone?    

What is granite ?





Continuing our topic of Stone Age Britain, follow this link and click on the interactive image to find out about the 3 distinct time periods in the Stone Age. Then cut and stick the images and put them into the right columns on the table. 




Watch the powerpoint - the Magic of Yet. Think about what you want to be able to do but can't. Then think about the word 'yet'.

How does the word yet change the sentence?

Think of some ideas that you want to be able to do but can't yet. 


For example:


I can't run 5k... yet!


Then think about what you will do to help you achieve these goals. 




I can't run 5k yet but if I run a little each day I will soon get better. 


I look forward to hearing what you're wanting to be able to do Year 3 - You could share some to twitter so I can see.


Computing - Scratch online


Making a chase game


Using the online tutorials - follow the instructions to make a chase game. There are extra tasks to complete at the end if this is completed.