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Happy New Year everyone. Our topic for this half term is light. We will be learning about different light sources, how light travels, how our eyes work and how we can change the shape and size of shadows. If you can get on-line, I will share some links for videos and power points, but there will also be activities that you can do with just a pencil and paper. You can also use the Oak Academy resources to learn more about this topic by logging in and then going into key stage 2 science topics “Light” If you have a torch at home or a small lamp, you will be able to carry out some practical investigations at home too. Keep your work safe so that I can see it sometime and remember just do what you can and have fun. Mrs. Gibson

To get started, watch the video clip on bitesize and have a go at the quiz. Find out what you already know about light. Next, watch the slide show then complete the worksheet about light sources.

 What is light? - BBC Bitesize