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British Science Week Forest Hall School Challenge

Find out what this is all about by reading the information sheet. 

I am really looking forward to seeing you all back in school next week, but until then, make sure that you keep up the effort at home this last week and try to complete the science tasks which have been set. Mrs. Gibson



During lockdown, many of us have used the internet more for interacting with our friends and family and for doing our school work. If lockdown had happened before we had the internet, then it would have been so much more difficult. Online experiences can be great, but they can also have bad affects on our mental well being. We will be following up this theme when you come back to school and I would like you to think of some examples of on line experiences which made you feel good and also some which made you feel possibly bad or frightened. There are slides attached. The first one shows some examples from me and then I would like you to complete the next 2 slides with your own experiences. For the last slide, think about what you would advise a friend to do if they were upset or frightened by an online experience.