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Well hopefully all of you have made a start with our new science topic and were able to identify different natural and man-made light sources. I have included some STEM ideas for you this week too, so if you have completed the task set, then have a go at some of the suggestions. Remember that scientists are always asking questions so throughout this topic, keep jotting down any questions which come to mind.  This week you can try out an investigation at home. All you will need is a torch or a small lamp and some cardboard. Draw a 10cm square on the card and cut it out. Using a pencil make a small hole in the centre of the card. Do this again so that you have 2 squares with holes in them. Remember to measure accurately! Now, you can investigate how light travels in a straight line by directing the light source through the holes towards a wall or a door. When you have done the experiment, explain how this proves that light travels in a straight line. You can include a labelled diagram and some text. Make it clear to the reader and use scientific vocabulary.

BBC Bitesize Light travels in straight lines.