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In light of recent events, we have prepared a list of useful links for your child(ren) to use should you be self isolating. Please see the Coronavirus page or the parents page for the list of links.


If you are in need of a pack or have any questions please see your child's class teacher or the school office. 


Useful Websites


Children can use the phonics website below at home without the need for parents to subscribe. To access all the resources just log on with these details: username: march20  password:home   


There is also an interactive learning pack available for Year 1 from Twinkl. Please follow the link below to access it. Use the password UKTWINKLHELPS to set up an account.


For extra Maths resources and online learning, please visit the Home Learning Tasks page of the White Rose Hub. Follow the link below.


For access to Phonics Resources, please visit the Read Write Inc Oxford Owl Website. Find the 'class login' button at the top and enter the following information:



Password: foresthall1

Welcome to Year 1 - Ash Class!


Has Transport Changed?



This half term we are learning about transport. As part of this cross curricular theme, we will be learning about different types of transport from the past, and what it may look like in the future. We are using the class story shown above with a 'Talk 4 Writing' approach to eventually write our own transport themed adventures. We will find out about famous inventors such as James Starley and the Wright brothers. 


Why does the weather change?




This half term our theme is 'Why does the Weather Change?' This is a cross curricular theme which involves weather forecasting in Geography and investigating Seasonal Change and measuring weather in Science. We are learning the days of the week and Months of the Year in Maths (our half termly learning goal) and we are writing reports about a penguin in English. So far we have enjoyed looking at and making instruments to measure the weather and of course we are looking at and reading books about our theme everyday!



How have toys changed?


In Autumn 2, we have been learning about toys both old and new. In science we have been looking at objects including toys and finding out what they are made from and their properties. The children had lots of fun making their own finger puppets in DT too! We have been enjoying the book 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey, where the main character is brought to life through imaginative play. Bizarrely, he also came to life in our classroom and got involved in lots of fun (but only when no one was looking). The class made their own stories about what traction man did, and our enthusiasm for reading and writing stories continues to grow and grow!




We are now looking forward to finishing the term with a spectacular Reception/KS1 nativity performance, awesome Christmas parties, a panto visit and our Christingle service at St Bart's Church. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 



Where do I live?


During the first half of Autumn Term, pupils have been on a sensory journey by learning about the story of Leaf Man. They have used their English skills to discuss where he has been and where he might go next! By doing this, and linking with our Geography topic, they have been learning about the changing seasons and have been also observing daily weather patterns across the UK to create their own weather forecast!

Image result for leaf man


The main topic area this term is called 'Where do I live?' and is all about the pupils understanding where they live by looking at, exploring and navigating using maps of our school and Forest Hall.  Pupils are learning about compass points and mapping symbols and can use these to navigate their way around their own specially created maps!




In Maths we use a mastery approach to learning. This means that pupils become fluent in the 'basics' of maths through varied practise and by using lots of physical apparatus to show their understanding. We use 'stem sentences' to help the children develop their language skills in maths.  By using mathematical language, pupils can prove their ideas through reasoning and can go on to solve more complex problems. Its not just about finding the answer in Year 1, its about understanding 'why', and being creative and flexible with maths in order to gain that deeper understanding. 


An example of a 'Going Deeper' Question. Can you solve it?