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Eco Elmer

We are so grateful to First Class Supply for providing us with an Elmer for Elmer's Great North Parade, raising money for St Oswald's Hospice. We set a whole school homework to help contribute to our eco-friendly design. We were overwhelmed with the creativity we got back and decided to combine a mix of the designs we received. Every child and adult in school has has the opportunity to contribute in some way to the design and decoration of our Eco Elmer and we are incredibly proud of the final result. Please look out for our Elmer during the parade! 

Eco Elmer

Eco Elmer 1
Eco Elmer 2
Eco Elmer 3
Eco Elmer 4
Eco Elmer 5
Eco Elmer 6
Eco Elmer 7
Eco Elmer 8
Eco Elmer 9
Eco Elmer 10
Eco Elmer 11

Eco Art Week

Following our whole school drive to be environmentally friendly, our Art Week theme this year is 'Eco Art'. We have gather junk and things that would go to landfill and made art out of it! Each class has taken a different approach and our results are below! 

Eco Art Week 2019

Eco Art Week 2019 1 Year 2 - Shark Attack!
Eco Art Week 2019 2 Year 2 - Under the Sea
Eco Art Week 2019 3 Year 3 - Steam Punk Robots
Eco Art Week 2019 4 Year 3 - Steam Punk Robots
Eco Art Week 2019 5 Year 3 - Steam Punk Robots
Eco Art Week 2019 6
Eco Art Week 2019 7 Year 3 - Steam Punk Robots
Eco Art Week 2019 8

Art Club 2018

Art Club 2018 1 Art club
Art Club 2018 2 Art club
Art Club 2018 3 Art club
Art Club 2018 4 Art club

Art and Design Lead:

Mrs Ridley


Pupils develop their creativity and imagination by exploring the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes.

They learn about the role of art, craft and design in their environment and begin to understand colour, shape and space, pattern and texture and use them to represent their ideas and feelings. They increase their critical awareness of the roles and purposes of art, craft and design in different times and cultures.


Throughout school we give children the opportunity to create using a range of media; clay, paint, pastels, water colours etc. Some examples of the art and design we have been doing in different year groups are pictured below.


As part of our Artsmark journey we are celebrating all the arts! We have had some outside artists in to help run clubs and are continuing to build partnerships with Artsmark organisations. 

Picture 1 Painting our faces in Nursery
Picture 2 Making snowmen using shaving foam and glue
Picture 3 Collating Vocanoes in Year 3
Picture 4 Roald Dahl display in Year 4
Picture 5 Seasonal calendars using watercolours in Year 6
Picture 6 Fingerprint Poppy Fields in Year 2
Picture 7 Weaving in Year 1
Picture 8 Water colours in Year 5

Art-Fest with Michelle Wall

Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 1 Year 3 studied the work of Edvard Munch
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 2 Year 1 studied the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 3 Early Years studied the work of Henri Matisse
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 4 Year 4 studied the work of Antoni Gaudi
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 5 Year 2 studied the work of Gustav Klimt
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 6 Year 5 studied the work of Banksy
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 7
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 8
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 9
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 10
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 11
Art-Fest with Michelle Wall 12