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Geography Lead:

Miss Mackie


Geography is the study of places and people. It helps children to make sense of their world and to understand their place within it. We aim to instil a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, that will stay with the children for the rest of their lives.
At Forest Hall, we widen children’s knowledge of the world around them through first hand experience and using the vast array of resources available in books and on the internet.  While it is important to learn about the 'Core Knowledge' such as facts, locations, names and vocabulary, we also hope to balance this with the awareness of other cultures, opinions and values. Our curriculum is guided by the knowledge of children’s needs and interests when selecting appropriate subject content. This is then developed into challenging and relevant teaching experiences, which enable the child to play responsible roles as an individual, a family member and a member of local, regional, national, European and global communities.