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Geography Lead:

Mrs Child


Geography is the study of places and people. It helps children to make sense of their world and to understand their place within it. It is a priority for us to instill a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, that will stay with the children for the rest of their lives.


At Forest Hall, we believe that fieldwork is an essential component of geography education as it enables pupils to better understand the ‘messiness’ of ‘geographical reality’, develop subject knowledge, and gain a range of skills that are difficult to develop in the classroom alone. We also encourage the children to be real life geographers by accessing resources sketch maps, plans, graphs and digital technologies. 


It is our focus to re-invigorate our Wildlife Garden this year to enable increased opportunities for learning about the environment within our school grounds. Being outside in different habitats is an exciting experience that captures the children's imagination. It also stimulates discussion about the environment, and how we should best look after it. 


While it is important to learn about other cultures, values and opinions, we are focussing in on 'Locational Knowledge' this year. 

Through cross curricular topics, we aim to travel the world! On this journey, each class will learn key facts about the physical and human aspects of that country, and the whole class will together use this to build up a comprehensive understanding of a variety of countries and continents across the globe.