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Science Lead:


Mr Spurr


Science at Forest Hall is exciting and hands on, where children are taught fascinating facts about the world around them as well as the skills to investigate their own ideas. The children are not only taught how to plan and carry out a variety of investigations but also how to collate results and look for patterns and reasons behind their findings.
Where possible science is integrated into our half termly themes so for instance in KS1 children explore materials to find out which is the best fabric to make Cinderella’s slipper. In KS2 children have investigate  the life cycles of mammals, amphibians and birds in order to support their learning about the rainforest. If the concept cannot be worked into the theme, science is taught as a stand alone lesson. Across both key stages, external visits with a science focus are regularly undertaken, for example at Newcastle's Centre for Life Year 6 took workshops which explored how the body works (lungs, heart and circulation), while KS1 are planning a visit to the coast to examine different forms of life in the seashore rock pools.
At Forest Hall we are constantly reviewing our practice and striving to give our children the very best in quality teaching and learning in this subject area.