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Year 5 Blog

Forest Hall Choir

Hello! A lot of exciting things have happened at school recently! One of the things is the choir also known as the Long Benton High Pyramid Festival. The choir is where people from our school sing for entertainment and for fun.

The Long Benton High Pyramid Festival will take place at Long Benton High School on Thursday the 27th of June. We will be singing the songs “Banaha” and “Stand By Me”. We will also be singing joint songs with other schools also in the choir. The songs are “When I Grow Up” and “Revolting Children” from Matilda The Musical and, there will be a school group performing various songs on instruments. The Forest Hall Primary choir group includes 1 person from year 6, 10 people from year 5, 6 people from year 4 and 3 people from year 3.

In order to see the choir, tickets will be needed. They are being sold at the school office from Monday the 17th of June to Tuesday the 25th of June. (Probably!)

There will also be a choir on Wednesday the 26th of June. However, this will not feature Forest Hall Primary School.

The person in charge of our choir group is Mrs. Tyas. She is the one who picked are songs “Banaha” and “Stand By Me”. However, the person hosting the whole event is Mrs. Holden.

Keira Nightingale, Year 5





ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY                                                         

The overall attendance at our school was 98%! The highest percentage this week was Year Five Willow and Year Four Spruce with 100%! For punctuality the winners are Year Five Willow (AGAIN!) and Year Six Cedar, well done everyone!                                                   


As a school we are trying to save the oceans and all of the creatures within because they deserve a life just as much as we do! We are doing so by cutting down on single use plastics by bringing in reusable bottles and reusable freeze pops moulds on Friday. We are also trying to save paper therefore saving trees, therefore saving oxygen, therefore saving the planet and its inhabitants and doing so by using a recycling bin and reusing it to help everyone including you!

Ciaran Davidson Y5





Becoming An Eco School ( Forest Hall Primary )

Ever year about 18 billion pounds of plastic waste fills our oceans and effects nearly 700 marine species every year.


Eco Bricks

You can make an eco brick by getting a plastic bottle and filling it with other plastic (crisp packets, chocolate wrappers e.g.) until they are hard. They will then be used to make other things like statues, seats and small huts.


How To Become An Eco School

  1. Get students to walk. Walking to school will give them more exercise
  2. Eat greens. Eating greens will make your school healthy
  3. Re- cycle. Throw away all your rubbish and finished fruit.
  4. Crafts. Use things you would normally throw away and turn it to something new
  5. Turns lights off. Turning off lights when you leave the class room will save energy
  6. Finally, electronics. Turn off any school laptops , computers  and turn off and plug sockets

Our school eco council

In school, we have eco councillors that really care about our planet

Yr 6 = Cara and Luca

Yr 5 = Charlie and Ciaran

Yr 4 = Charlie and Chloe

Yr 3 = Amy and Leo

Yr 2 = Jamie and Katy

Yr 1 = Lola and Liam


I hope people will take a minute to look at the state of our earth.

Niamh Montgomery Y5





St Oswald’s Hospice has created a Tyne and Wear art trail that will last from August21-November1.Elmer’s Great North Parade features over fifty designed Elmer’s and Patchwork Elephant sculptures. 2016 was their first trail and it was the Snowdogs trail which took part all over the world.

Schools have been invited to be inspired, get imaginative and join the herd. This event is the biggest art event to take place across the region

People can design and decorate their own Elmer which will then join the parade for eleven weeks and will be seen with other Elmer’s all over Tyne and Wear. The little Elmer’s will return to their school or youth group after the trail where they can decide if they want to keep and display them or be auctioned to raise money for St Oswald’s Children’s Hospice also the schools Elmer will be on the art trail as well.  

Charlie Hartridge Y5






Elmer week is very similar to the Snow dog trail which was a huge success in 2016 but  this time St Oswald Hospice have decide to use the colourful patchwork elephant Elmer.

The Elmer trail will take place on August 21st to November 1st. At the Elmer trail you can find many different Elmer’s which all have exquisite designs.

Our School has been given our own Elmer and have picked the theme Eco but on each leg has a small piece of art from each tribe. Earth, Fire ,Air and Water. We chose Eco theme because Mrs Nicholson and the Eco council are trying very hard to get the gold award.

The art trail will have different Elmer’s which have all been hand designed. I’m sure the Elmer trail will be lots of fun and a great time for families.

Thank you for reading my blog

 Ava Cassidy Y5