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Year 4 – Sycamore

Welcome to Year 4 - Sycamore Class!


In Year 4 we are proud share our photos and videos to showcase our learning. Simply click on our twitter feed to see them!


But before you do that, let us tell you all about a few subjects which will feature our new local history topic 'Why is Lindisfarne called Holy Island?'. This will include learning about the Christian Conversion focusing on the  lives of Monks who lived there. We will look at how the land was used then and compare it to how it is used nowadays, linking to our key priority of 'Locational Knowledge'. We will also learn about Anglo Saxon Kingdoms and settlements. 


Our Art/DT topic will investigate how Anglo Saxon art was made through the use of tye dye, weaving and block printing. We also link our topic to literacy, which incorporates lots of genres of writing. 


Have you read 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell or 'Beowulf?'. They are well worth a read!


Here in Year 4 we are trying to be inquisitive and resilient learners who are empowered to learn. The short poem below best demonstrates that...


Your Best

If you always try your best

Then you'll never have to wonder

About what you could have done

If you'd summoned all your thunder


And if your best

Was not as good

As you hoped it would be,

You still could say,

"I gave today

All that I had in me." 


From Suzie Bitner was Afraid of the Drain by Barbara Vance


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