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Mrs A Tyas

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Our main aim is for the children to develop a positive attitude to mathematics. We want our children to be confident and competent in their ability to use and apply mathematics both in school and in all aspects of their daily lives.
All pupils In Key Stages 1 and 2 participate in a daily numeracy session where the emphasis is on a balance of mental strategies and developing written methods. Children in EYFS develop mathematical understanding through practical activities which then lead to recording on paper.
We follow a specific, progressive policy for written calculations and a parental information booklet outlining strategies is available to parents. Work is planned around four major areas: using and applying mathematics, number, shape, space and measures and data handling and involves a variety of real life problems, practical tasks and mathematical investigations. Children consolidate and apply their mathematical skills in regular practical investigation sessions.
Numeracy skills are developed in other subjects across the curriculum and incorporate the use of IT where possible.