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Below you will find some links/activities (which are not contained within the home learning packs) that you may find useful and enjoyable for your children. We will update this section of our class page on a regular basis. 

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Week Beginning 30.03.2020

Week Beginning 23.03.2020

Home Learning Activities To Enjoy Anytime

Spring 2 Half Term 2019 20 

This half term or theme is 'How Do Things Grow And Change?' So far we have talked about the signs of Spring, observed, drawn and labelled parts of a flower and thought about ways we have grown and changed. The most exciting thing though is that we have a magic beanstalk in our classroom! We found some brightly coloured, hard round objects on our floor one day after assembly. Mrs Getlevog and Mrs Lee asked if they belonged to anyone. We couldn't think of a reason why they would be there and we weren't sure where they had come from. So Mrs Getlevog tossed them to one side and told us we would keep them there in case anyone came to claim them. Well, the following week a beanstalk appeared in the corner of our classroom! We were all so excited! We have had many discussions about what might be at the top of the beanstalk. We noticed it wasn't growing so we decided to place the roots in some water and soil and open the blinds so it could get some light. Two days later it had grown taller and the vines were spreading out wider!

Keep an eye on our twitter account to see what happens next with the beanstalk and the other activities we will be getting up to this half term.

Spring 1 Half Term 2019/20

This half term our theme has been 'Where In The World?' We have 'visited' many countries over the last few weeks. England, Australia, France, Italy, Greece, China, India and South Africa. Phew! We had some 'insider knowledge' from some of the children in the class. They greatly enjoyed sharing what they know about some of these countries with their friends. We have located these countries on a map and globe and been introduced to the names of the continents they are located in. We have enjoyed preparing, cooking and (most importantly) eating a variety of food from these countries. Pizza was a particular favourite!

We have enjoyed listening to traditional music from some of these countries and have even had a go at some traditional dances in our PE sessions. We also recreated some traditional artwork from some of the countries. We particularly enjoyed  making our Aboriginal style dot paintings and traditional African masks!  

Autumn Term 2019-20


What a busy first term at school we have had! Mrs Getlevog and Mrs Lee are really pleased with how well we have all settled into school life. There are so many new things to get used to; school dinners, getting changed for PE, play times and being at school for a whole day!

Our topics this term have been 'Who Am I?' and 'What Happened Long, Long Ago?' We have taken part in lots of fun activities and learned so many new things, the best being learning to read!

We greatly enjoyed our 'magical Wow lesson!' to start our topic of 'What Happened Long, Long Ago?' It centered around the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. (Which was written long, long ago.) We started by making gingerbread men out of play dough. Over play time Mrs Lee put them in the oven in the role play house. When we returned to the classroom after play time, Mrs Lee took them out of the oven and they had turned into real gingerbread men! It was magic! We had great fun decorating and eating them!

Our grown ups have been very busy too. They have joined in with 'Stay and Play' and had a meeting with Mrs Getlevog about how they can help us with our reading at home. After the meeting they joined in with one of our phonic lessons. We enjoyed showing them some of the things we can do!

We're looking forward to Christmas now - the Nativity and Christmas parties...

We've had a brilliant first term and are looking forward to the Spring term! From everyone in Reception, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!




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