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On this page you will find lots of information about what the children have been getting up to.


Reception Curriculum Coverage 2021-22

Work for people self isolating week beginning 24th January 2022

Work for people self isolating week beginning 5th January 2022

Autumn 2 2021-22

This half term our topic has been 'Where do we live and what do we celebrate?' The children enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and why Remembrance Day is special. We have been looking at our local area and learning the names of the streets around us at school. We greatly enjoyed a walk around Forest Hall. We kept an eye out for things that were natural and things that were man-made. We used our sense of direction to guide us back to school and tried hard to use the directional language 'left', 'right' and 'straight ahead'. Once back at school we enjoyed drawing maps of the route we took on our walk. We have been reading the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have used our phonic knowledge to help us write some simple captions to accompany pictures from the story. We are very much looking forward to Christmas and finding out about the differences between Christmas in the past and Christmas now.

Autumn 1 2021-22

Welcome to Reception's class page. On this page you will find our timetable and information about what we have been getting up to in the classroom. Mrs Lee and I (Mrs Getlevog) are really pleased with how well all of the new Reception children have settled into school life. There have been a lot of new things for the children to get used to such as getting changed for PE, eating in the dinner hall, playing on the big yard and going to assembly. The children have taken all of these new experiences in their stride and are settled into their new routines. Our topic for this half term is 'Who Am I?' during 'Understanding the World' sessions (UTW) children will be carrying out activities and developing skills based on this topic. We will be talking about our families and where we live. We will discuss how our families and homes may be similar or different to those of other people. We will be labelling the human body and exploring the 5 senses. We will also name and learn to recognise different emotions and discuss our likes and dislikes. We will also look at what Harvest is and why it is celebrated and notice and discuss changes that happen during Autumn. We are all looking forward to starting our learning journey together!

Reception Timetable Autumn Term 2021-22

For Your Information...

Read, Write, Inc.

Read, Write Inc letter sound mat

This is what the children use in the classroom to support them with their writing. When saying the sounds they can hear in words, they look for the sound on the mat before writing it down.


White Rose Maths
In school we follow the White Rose Maths schemes of work. The Reception scheme of work promotes a 'hands on' approach to maths, using various types of equipment that the children can manipulate, in order to be able 'to see' the maths they are exploring. This scheme of work also promotes the idea of 'digging deeper' into mathematical concepts.

Early Number Sense

You may have wondered why there has been a large focus on the numbers 0-10 in Reception. Particularly if your child has been able to count to 10 and/or recognise the numerals 0-10 since they were in Nursery or even younger. The truth is there is more to the numbers 0-10 than counting and recognising them. What these numbers represent, knowing the number order, the relationship between each of these numbers and the number bonds within 10 all provide the foundations for future maths learning. The video below discusses this in more detail.

Books Mrs Getlevog and Mrs Lee recommend

Click on the document below to see a selection of books we recommend for Reception age children. The list includes books that we have enjoyed sharing with children and books that we know children of this age enjoy!

If you do not have any of these books at home you will most likely be able to find it being read aloud online.

Reception 2020-21

Work for week beginning 12th July 2021

Work for Monday 5th July 2021

Work for week beginning 28th June 2021

Work for people self isolating 13th May-19th May 2021

Important Information

Please remember to bring your PE kits back to school when you return after the Easter holidays. These will remain in school for the half term and be sent home to be washed when we break up for the May half term holiday. Thank you.
This will be uploaded soon.

Spring Term 2021

Well what a strange term this has been! Some of you were working with Mrs Lee and I in the bubble and some of you were learning at home. Despite being in different places you all managed to access learning linked to our themes of 'Where In the World?' and 'What Happened Long, Long Ago?' It was great to see through emails, work handed in to school and photos on Twitter the different ways you approached your learning at home. You have all worked very hard this term and have been extremely resilient. Mrs Lee and I are very proud of you all! The highlights of the term were cooking and eating food from around the world, discovering the beliefs and practices of others, planting and looking after our own beanstalks and the magic beanstalk that appeared in our classroom! The biggest highlight though had to be when we all returned to the classroom and were together as one bubble again!

Read, Write, Inc Sound Blending eBooks.

You can access some of the 'Sound Blending' books here.

Oxford Owl have stopped the free instant access to these resources. To access the e-books and other phonics resources, please visit the Read Write Inc Oxford Owl Website. Find the 'class login' button at the top and enter the following information: Username:Year1AshFHPS

Password: foresthall1

Tricky words

These are words that we can not 'sound out' (Fred Talk) in the way we would 'sound out' green word cards in Read, Write, Inc. These words have to be learnt by sight.

Special Friends

In Read, Write, Inc 'special friends' are a pair of letters that make a sound.

Number Blocks

 The White Rose Maths Early Years scheme of work uses some 'Number Blocks' videos to explain ideas and mathematical thinking. This link will take you to various 'Number Blocks' videos on YouTube.

Spring Term 2021- Home Learning


Just a reminder that if you ask to follow us on our Twitter page you will be able to share your child's work and achievements with us. It is also a great way of keeping in touch and receiving updates about activities and the work we have set. We would love to see what you have all been getting up to!

If you are waiting a while to be accepted on our Twitter page it may be because we don't recognise your picture or name on the account. Please ring the school office and let us know its you. We don't accept anyone we don't recognise to follow our secure Twitter account.

Previous weeks Home Learning can be found further down this page.
Returning to School
When the children return to school on Monday 8th March could you please return any work they have completed whilst learning at home. We will mark it and use it to find out where each child is up to in their learning. Thank you.
Autumn Term 2020

What a term of firsts we have had! First day at school, first school dinner, first time in the 'big yard' and reading our first words to name a few! We are really proud of how well the children have settled into Reception and school life. 

The children enjoyed finding out about their class mates and themselves during our topic 'Who Am I?' The children were amazed with our 'magic oven' that turned their play dough gingerbread men into real gingerbread men! During our topic 'What Happened Long Long Ago?' we discovered why we have fireworks on bonfire night, made poppy artwork for Remembrance Day, learnt what a ball is (the dancing type) during our work on the story of Cinderella and have found out what happened long ago in the Christmas Story. More recently the children have had great fun finding our elf every morning. His name is Chocolate. The children suggested names and then they voted for their favourite. We are now super excited for our Christmas party and other Christmas treats!

Mrs Lee and I (Mrs Getlevog) wish all of our children and their families a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

Story to support social distancing

A lovely animated story that shows us ways we can show our love and affection for others, while we are not able to hug. heart

While We Can't Hug


 Activities and games we think you might enjoy.