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Young Carers

At Forest Hall Primary School we are committed to identifying, supporting and meeting the needs of Young Carers so that they can attend and enjoy school in the same way as their peers.


We offer much support for identified Young Carers and their families;

  • Monthly Young Carers Club- with activities planned out by the members of the club
  • Opportunities to meet with Young Carers from other schools
  • Confidential drop box for concerns and questions from children
  • Assemblies to inform other children in school about being a Young Carer
  • Firm and supportive relationships with parents/families
  • Links with Mental Health First Aiders in school
  • Notice boards within the school building, offering information and advice for children and signposting who to speak to for more advice
  • Strong links with staff from North Tyneside Carers Centre

What is a young carer?

Young Carers are children and young people aged 5-18 who help to look after somebody in their family because that person has a disability, illness, mental health difficulty, or because that person misuses drugs or alcohol.


There are lots of different things that young carers might do to help, these could include:

  • Helping to do the shopping
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Looking after younger brothers or sisters
  • Giving medication
  • Helping the person they care for go to the toilet or have a shower
  • Keeping them company when they’re feeling down. Lots of young carers say that they worry about the person they care for when they aren’t with them and feel they need to check they are okay.
  • Your parents being busy with your brother or sister and you feeling like there is less time for them to spend with you.


Caring can sometimes be a positive experience and can help young people to develop important skills like communication, time management and empathy, which can be very useful when applying for jobs or further education.

Sometimes caring can be difficult and it can make life more challenging for the young person. Young carers are more likely to experience barriers related to their mental health, family life, social life and education, than their peers who do not have caring responsibilities.


If you think you are a Young Carer or your child is a Young Carer, please contact Mrs Nolan in school for more advice about our Young Carers club and the support we can provide.


You can also contact the Young Carers’ Project team who will talk to you about your situation on 0191 2496480.