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Year 5 Blog


Year 5 trip to the Rising Sun 4.02.2020    

Today Year 5 went to the Rising Sun for the full morning. We got into groups and we had 4 adults. Mrs Nicholson, Miss Young, Miss Dowdney and Mrs Tyas were the adults that came . We went to the Rising Sun for a challenge, the challenge was orienteering. So we had to read maps and collect 16 stamps and stamp them on the piece of paper you get! To know where the stamps are, there  is something called  a kite. It is orange and white to stand out from the forest and other places. Your groups must work together to find all the stamps.You walk about 3 miles! 

Adults don't help much because they want children like us to read maps ourselves for when we are older! You also have a time limit to collect all the stamps and get back to the centre in time! You need to be careful because other people will be there.

Sophie W


Year 5 Trip to the Rising Sun

Year 5 went to the Rising Sun on the 4th of February. We did an orienteering challenge. Mrs Tyas, Mrs Nicholson, Miss Young and Miss Dowdney came too. We looked for 16 orienteering kites and  stamps around the Rising Sun. It was hard as well because we had  a time limit of 1 and a half hours! It was fun but very tiring because everyone walked 3 miles! Everyone had fun. We missed a full morning of maths and English! We got better at reading maps to work out where the stamps were. All the group worked together and the adults  didn’t do much because it was a challenge for the children to do. All the teams went to the top of the big hill and some of us took a photo at the top! At some points the teams were lost. Luckily, we found our way back to the centre . I enjoyed working with different people in the groups. We were very polite to the public and stopped for cyclists, joggers and dog walkers. 



My trip to the Rising Sun


So today I went to the Rising Sun and I’m gonna tell you all about it!

First, Year 5 was sorted into groups with a different teacher in all of them. I was sorted into Miss Young’s group.

There was another school there and each of the groups had one goal, to find the most or all of the orienteering kites in an hour.

My group got 14 out of the 16 kites that were there but made it back to the visitor centre in the hour we were given.

My group didn’t win but luckily another group from our school did! (It was Mrs Nicholson’s group)

The other school either didn’t get all of the orienteering kites or didn’t make it back to the visitor centre in time.

So that was my trip to the Rising Sun!



Today me and all of Y5 went to the Rising Sun. We were split into groups and we had to find stamps and our adult had a piece of paper and it had letters of the alphabet on it .On the kite was a letter so we knew where to put the stamp. We had to get in in the right box and if we didn't get a stamp we would get 1 point for every stamp we didn't get. We had maps in the groups so we didn't get lost. There were letters on the map and that's where the stamp was.

We ran all over the Rising Sun up hills, in the woods and lots more.

When we got back to school we all were tired. Everyone had fun. It was like a maze. Sometimes we didn't know where a stamp was.





Today we went to the Rising Sun.there were 4 adults with us. Mrs Nicholson, Miss Dowdney,Miss Young and Mrs Tyas. We had to look for some white and orange kites and a stamp.

The stamp would have a pattern on it which would be made out of sharp spikes.

We would get put into groups of 6.Once we were put into our groups we went looking for the stamps and kites. We had 1 hour and a half to find all 16 kites

Mrs Nicholson and Miss Dowdney won  first place.

After all that we went back to school.

Olivia Y









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