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This is the online maths programme we use in school for homework so the children will be familiar with how it works.

If activities have been set for your child to complete, they will be visible when they enter their individual portal login.

In addition, children can access any other activities by simply logging in with the school log in and searching sections in the library section which is then organised by year group.

Children can work through the lesson before attempting the online homework.

There are also maths games related to each topic in the section “games”.


Year 5 Blog

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School is very different now, because of the Coronavirus.

Every class has a separate bubble, and it includes their classmates and teachers.

The bubbles are a group of people, not an actual bubble! In school, we have lunch in the classrooms, and at break times the yard is split in half with the cones. If someone gets the coronavirus, then the class has to isolate for 14 days.   We don’t use changing rooms because we just come in in joggers and PE top.




By Leo 



School is different. Wash your hands most the time. You have to keep your distance all the time no matter what! You have to stay in bubbles (class groups) even at the end/start of school. But it’s fun. My favourite part is seeing my friends (and maths) but other stuff is great. Including computing.  All of my classmates enjoy it too.



I started Year 5 on the 1st September 2020. However, there are some differences…



  • We don’t use changing rooms. We come in P.E. kit (not shorts, joggers)
  • We eat lunch in the classrooms in Key Stage 2
  • Now, a popular game is bulldog (not like my friend’s dog)
  • Instead of a horseshoe, we sit in rows.



  • We have some break time after lunch
  • We have the same lessons



                                         Back to school

I thought that when I came back to school was a bit nervous but after a couple of days I got used to it.

School is very different because of Coronavirus. We have to stay away from people in are separate class bubbles to stay safe. We have to walk back to back in the corridor if we come to someone that is not in are bubble.

We have to go in to school at different times so are separate bubbles don’t mix. When we leave school we also have separate times to leave school but it is slightly different because we have to line up and then we get called to our parents.








Welcome to Year 5 - Willow Class!



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