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Year 4 – Sycamore

Summer 1 Timetable

Summer 1 class novel - The Good Bear - Sarah Lean (2021)

We are enjoying reading this new book. Animals, adventure and Norway...


It’s the Christmas holidays and Thea is filled with  anticipation at the thought of spending them with her estranged father in Norway. She plans to tell him about her dreams to become a writer, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll buy her the typewriter she so desperately wants. But when Thea and her father are reunited, everything feels wrong. Her father is as distant as ever and now she has to share him with his new family: his girlfriend Inge and her children. Unable to reconcile her feelings of rejection and jealousy, Thea wishes she had never come to Norway. Then she makes a surprise discovery. Deep in the snowy woods by the house, is a bear. He’s scared and hungry and he desperately needs Thea’s help. When the town hears about a bear living in the woods, his life is in even greater danger. Thea needs to show everyone that he’s not dangerous if she’s to save him, but to do so she needs to accept the help of her new family.

Spring 1 class novel - The Firework Maker's Daughter - Philip Pullman

Learning your tables in year 4

Over half term, please spend some time learning and reinforcing all of the times tables (up to 12x12)  with your child. 

The following websites are great, free ways to engage children in their own learning but I would appreciate it if families could get involved and have fun with tables! Concentrate on the tricky ones (like 7x4, 7x8, 8x3)!